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Our Services

We help companies to win with AI, from Banking to Agriculture, utilizing the potential of AI. Our goal is to enhance decision-making processes. Partnering with enterprises like yours, we strive to ensure the successful execution of AI and ML projects that drive genuine business value.

Ai Solution Development

AI Solution Development harnesses the power of ai to craft tailored applications, addressing specific business challenges and propelling operational efficiency to new heights.

Product Development

Ai Product Development involves creating intelligent, scalable products that leverage Ai to offer innovative solutions, enhancing user experiences and meeting market demands.

Consultancy and Strategy

We provide expert guidance to navigate the complexities of technology, ensuring businesses align their goals with actionable, data-driven strategies for growth.

Research and Development

Delves into exploring cutting-edge techniques in artificial intelligence, driving innovation and ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of technology.

Startup POC

Demonstrates the viability of AI-driven startup ideas, testing and validating solutions before full-fledged implementation, ensuring market readiness and success.

Ai Hardware support

AI hardware encompasses specialized equipment and chipsets optimized for AI computations, ensuring faster processing, efficient learning, and seamless deployment of AI-driven solutions.

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Computer Vision

We deliver end to end Computer Vision solutions by integrating them with existing systems.

New Premium

Generative AI

We deliver comprehensive generative AI solutions from inception to completion.

Data Science

Data science services help companies run experiments on their data in search of business insights.

NLP Solutions

We build efficient NLP solutions to power up your systems, applications or business process. 

How We Work

At AI India Innovation Center we provide Cutting-edge AI and Data Science solutions by integrating them with existing operational systems or developing new systems.

Initial Step

Consult & Analyze

We begin with an initial consultation to understand your objectives and challenges. This is followed by a needs assessment where we analyze your existing systems and processes to tailor the most effective solution.

Design and development

Design & Development

Based on our comprehensive analysis, we create a customized project plan that outlines the solution’s scope, necessary resources, and timelines. This ensures we are aligned with your business goals right from the start.


Implementation & Teasting

Our team of developers and data scientists build and test your customized AI or Data Science solution. Once it meets all the specifications, we integrate it seamlessly into your existing framework and provide any necessary training.

Continuous Improvement

Support & Optimization

After the successful implementation, we offer ongoing support and monitoring. We’re also committed to providing future enhancements to ensure your system stays up-to-date and continues to meet your evolving needs.

What We Do

At Ai India Innovation Center, we offer comprehensive Artificial Intelligence and Data Science solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of your organization. Below are some key areas of our expertise:

Custom AI Development

We develop custom AI algorithms designed to solve specific business challenges, from predictive analytics to natural language processing.


AI Integration

Our team seamlessly integrates AI capabilities into your existing systems, enhancing functionality and driving operational efficiency.


AI Consulting

From strategy to implementation, we provide end-to-end AI consulting to ensure your organization maximizes the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Data Analytics​

Our experienced data science experts meticulously analyze complex data using advanced algorithms to offer actionable insights for informed, strategic decision-making across various industries.

Predictive Modelling

We build predictive models that help businesses proactively anticipate market trends, customer behavior, and other vital performance metrics for success.

Data Visualization

Our data visualization services turn raw data into intuitive charts & graphs, enabling easy interpretation & quicker decision-making.

Ai Custom Software Development

We offer tailored software solutions, designed to meet your specific operational needs, aimed at optimizing efficiency and driving business growth.

System Integration

We ensure seamless integration of new software solutions with your existing IT infrastructure, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Support and Maintenance

Our experienced team provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your systems are always up-to-date, secure, and performing optimally for peak business efficiency.

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We serve Artificial Intelligence and Data Science services to following business verticals

AI for Business Transformation

At Ai India Innovation Center (AIIC), we specialize in crafting bespoke AI and Data Science solutions that drive efficiency and growth. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we empower enterprises worldwide to navigate the complexities of the digital age. Committed to innovation, we seamlessly integrate AI solutions into existing frameworks, paving the way for enhanced productivity and smarter decision-making.

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