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Object Detection and tracking

Unlock advanced Object Detection solutions by Ai India Innovation Center: accurate, real-time identification and tracking of objects for enhanced security, retail analytics, and autonomous technology using state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

Real-Time Video Analytics

Discover cutting-edge Object Detection solutions by Ai India Innovation Center: Harnessing AI for precise identification, real-time tracking, and classification in various applications like surveillance, retail analytics, autonomous driving, and quality control for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Pose Estimation

Optimize motion analysis with our Pose Estimation technology, delivering precise real-time body tracking for sports, healthcare, and AR applications, ergonomics, animations powered by sophisticated AI algorithms.

Image classification

Enhance decision-making with our Image Classification: leveraging AI for accurate, automated categorization of images in healthcare, retail, and surveillance for improved efficiency and insights.

Our Products & Services

"Explore our portfolio of solutions that harness the strength of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Embrace high-tech opportunities to elevate your business with our innovative, past developments!"

Automatic Number plate Recognition

Automatic Number-Plate Recognition

“ANPR technology employs optical character recognition on images, allowing for the efficient reading of vehicle registration plates and facilitating the creation of vehicle location data.”

Satellite Image Classification

Satellite Image Analysis

“Satellite image analysis delivers detailed, high-resolution imagery services, enhancing Geographic Information System and mapping applications with comprehensive analytical support.”

Helmet detection

Helmet detection for two wheeler

“Utilizing AI-based video analysis, our system automatically detects bike riders without helmets in real-time through surveillance footage, significantly enhancing rider safety.”

Automated Cheque Reading using Deep learning

Automated Cheque Reading

“Automated Cheque Reading, powered by Deep Learning, is a robust tool that streamlines bank cheque processing, significantly reducing the need for human intervention.”


Ai based Defect Inspection

“AI-based Defect Inspection utilizes advanced algorithms to efficiently identify and analyze imperfections in products, ensuring quality control with high precision and speed.”


Photo ID Verification / KYC

“AI-based Photo ID Verification/KYC employs sophisticated recognition technologies to authenticate identities quickly and accurately, enhancing security and streamlining customer verification processes.”

Best face recognition system

Face Recognition

  Our advanced Face Recognition Technology offers cutting-edge identification and verification solutions using facial biometric data. This sophisticated technology captures, analyzes, and compares unique facial features to accurately identify individuals.


Inventory Management

This solution combines AI with CCTV for efficient inventory tracking. It uses visual recognition to monitor stock levels, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Ideal for warehouses and retail, it ensures accurate inventory control and optimizes management.

Ai based Drowsiness Detection System

Drowsiness Detection System

This system employs AI to detect early signs of fatigue in drivers and machinery operators. It analyzes behavioral indicators, enhancing safety by alerting users to drowsiness. Essential for transportation and heavy machinery sectors, it helps prevent fatigue-related accidents.

Ai based Speed Estimation on Highways

Speed Estimation

The AI-based Speed Estimation system utilizes CCTV cameras on highways to accurately measure vehicle speeds. This technology aids in monitoring traffic flow and enforcing speed limits, ensuring safer highway travel.


Fire Detection

Fire Detection system uses CCTV camera feeds to quickly identify fires. It analyzes video streams with machine learning algorithms, detecting early signs like unusual smoke or flames.

Ai-based Theft Detection System

Theft Detection System

The AI-based Theft Detection system in malls is a sophisticated technology that utilizes CCTV camera feeds to identify and prevent thefts.