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Take advantage of the capability of Computer Vision solutions and enjoy world-class Computer Vision Solutions and Services.

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At AI India Innovation Center, we offer computer vision services that perfectly match the interesting necessities of our customers.

We deliver end-to-end Computer Vision solutions by integrating them with existing systems also develop solutions as per the business needs. Exploit the potential of Computer Vision solutions and enjoy world-class Computer Vision Services. At Ai India Innovation Center, we offer computer vision services that impeccably match the interesting necessities of our customers. Open your business to new, high-tech opportunities and innovations. We convey Confidence for your AI Projects, our primary goal is to convey world-class quality solutions with quicker speed and security. 

Some of Computer Visions services:

Object Detection and tracking:

Object Detection is one of Computer Vision Primary features which focuses on detecting various objects from Images and Videos, It refers to the capability of computer and software systems to locate objects in an image/scene and identify each object. Object detection has been widely used for face detection, vehicle detection, pedestrian counting, web images, security systems and driver-less cars.

Some of the main areas of object detection and tracking are face recognition, vehicle detection, pedestrian counting, and tracking , web images, security systems and driver-less cars. Object tracking is an interesting application of deep learning where the algorithm takes an object detection and develops a unique identification for each of the initial, object tracking is about locking onto a particular moving object in real-time.detection and then tracks the detected objects as they move around frames in a video. It can applied to different images format (from JPEG to Satellite Image) and Videos.

Image classification

  Image Classification is one of the most fundamental tasks in computer vision. It has revolutionized and propelled technological advancements in the most prominent fields, including the automobile industry, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Image classification applications are used in many areas, such as medical imaging, object identification in satellite images, traffic control systems, brake light detection, machine vision, and more. To find more real-world applications of image classification, check out our extensive list of AI vision applications.

Image and Video Pre-Processing:

Machines can be instructed to interpret images and videos the same way human brain do and to analyze those images much more thoroughly than we can. When applied to image processing Computer Vision can power the following things:
  • It can represent data in a visual way one can understand, for instance, giving a visual form to invisible objects.
  • It can dramatically improve the processed image and video quality, image sharpening and restoration works well.
  • Helps to measure objects in the image.Recent advancements in Deep Learning can be used in pattern recognition, it becomes easy to classify objects in the image, locate their position and get an overall understanding of the scene.
  • Advanced Computer Vision with the use of neural networks can perform image transformations not available for traditional image processing algorithms. As an example, we can artificially increase the number of objects or remove them without noticing an artificial change.

Image Segmentation:

  Image Segmentation assists with acquiring the region of interest (ROI) from the image. It is the process of separating an image into different areas. Image segmentation is an extension of image classification where, in addition to classification, we perform localization. Image segmentation thus is a superset of image classification with the model pinpointing where a corresponding object is present by outlining the object’s boundary.

Generally, to detect an object on an image it used to be sufficient to just select its position by the rectangle. Now, an improvement of this technique is outlining the given object (for example by a slight change of its color) and in that way segment images on different objects where the result is obtaining an image very similar to the stained glass. This technology has been extensively used in autonomous navigation, Medical Imaging, and radiology (outlining cancerous changes in tissue).

Pose estimation

Pose estimation is a computer vision technique to track the movements of a person or an object. This is usually performed by finding the location of key points for the given objects. Based on these key points we can compare various movements and postures and draw insights.

Pose Estimation has applications in myriad fields, some of which are listed below.

  • Activity Recognition. Tracking the variations in the pose of a person over a period of time can also be used for activity, gesture and gait recognition.
  • Motion Capture and Augmented Reality.
  • Motion Tracking for Consoles and Fall Detection.
  • Pose estimation can be used for sports for tracking, decision making, better visualization.

Our Products & Services

Some of solution we developed in the past, Take advantage of Power of Computer Vision and Deep Learning, Open your business to new High-tech opportunities!

Automatic Number-plate recognition (ANPR)

ANPR is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates to create vehicle registration

Automated Cheque Reading

Automated Cheque Reading using Deep learning is an is a powerful enabler to automate the processing of bank Cheques with minimal human intervention.

Feature e

Helmet detection using edge computing

No helmet detection system that helps increasing safety based on AI. Helmet detection system is used, and the helmet presence.

Our product leverages the power of Computer Vision to analyze the feed from IP and CCTV cameras to detect if people are adhering to safety norms by maintaining safe physical distance from each.

Satellite Image Analysis

Satellite image analysis provides high-resolution satellite imagery services for analysis and to support Geographic Information System and mapping applications.

Movie Colorization and Restoration

We Colorizing and Restoring Black and white Videos and movies into colored quality using Deep Learning.

Feature Two

Signature Verification using Deep Learning

Signature verification is a technique used by banks, intelligence agencies and high-profile institutions to validate the identity of an individual.

Building upon the Safe distancing solution mentioned above, alerts will be generated if a large number of people gather together. Government organizations can handle such situations with confidence before they get out of hand.

Helmet detection on two wheeler

Automatic Detection of Bike-riders without Helmet using Surveillance Videos in Real-time helps increasing ridership safety, It’s video AI based detection System.

Photo ID Verification

Verification solution with deep lea OCR for processing US, Europe & Indian driver’s licenses and IDs for text recognition.

Invoice data extraction

AI Invoice Data Extraction is extracting structured data from invoices so invoices can be automatically processed.

Our product leverages the power of Computer Vision to analyze the feed from IP and CCTV cameras to detect if people are wearing a face mask. It includes the capability to detect N95, Surgical, and even a Cloth mask.

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