Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

Arranged by IIT, BITS & COEP Alumni

Unleash Your AI Potential

Ai Bootcamp is our immersive 26-week AI Bootcamp, designed by IIT and COEP alumni. It offers over 90 hours of intensive learning through practical projects and theoretical study, covering 19 tools across 7 AI domains. Tailored for all skill levels, the program provides flexible remote and weekend sessions, guiding participants from basic concepts to certified AI proficiency.

Hands on Projects

Involves 9 case studies and 9 hands-on projects, emphasizing real-world applications of AI

Live Ai Training

Taught by alumni from prestigious institutions like IIT and COEP, providing expert guidance and industry insights.

Ai Skill Development

Focused on developing 9 essential skills in AI, ensuring participants are well-rounded in their abilities.

Empowering the Next Generation of AI Innovators.

Shaping the Future of Technology with AI Expertise.

Let’s learn about the future!

+90 hrs

Training Sessions


Tools & Technologies Explored


Hands-on Projects & Case Studies


Weeks training session in 6 months


Homework Assignments

Step Into the Future:
AI Skills for Tomorrow's World!

Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp Program.

Our programs are designed with a data-centric approach, welcoming learners from all walks of life, regardless of their educational or professional backgrounds. We firmly hold the view that Data Science is an inclusive field, open to everyone, and not limited to those with prior coding experience. Through our carefully crafted courses, complemented by the guidance of dedicated mentors, we offer an opportunity to delve into the world of data, unlocking its potential for each individual. This inclusive approach not only democratizes the field of Data Science but also enriches it with diverse perspectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bootcamp spans 6 months and includes over 90 hours of sessions. It covers 19 tools & technologies, 9 projects, 9 skills, 9 domains, and 7 case studies.

 Our Bootcamp is priced with a strong emphasis on affordability and value. For students, the fee is just ₹10,000, reflecting our commitment to encouraging young learners to explore AI. Professionals can join for ₹30,000. When compared to similar programs, you’ll find that our fees are substantially lower, especially considering the quality of education and resources we provide. We believe in offering exceptional value for money, ensuring that participants gain extensive knowledge and practical skills in AI. This cost-effective structure is part of our initiative to make AI education accessible while maintaining high standards of learning and teaching. Students, in particular, benefit from reduced fees, and we strongly encourage them to take active participation to maximize their learning experience.

All sessions of the Bootcamp will be conducted online, using platforms like Google Meet or Zoom. This remote and flexible delivery format ensures accessibility for participants from various locations. However, it’s important to note that participants are expected to have a reliable internet connection and a suitable system to effectively engage in these online sessions. This setup is essential for uninterrupted learning and active participation in the Bootcamp’s interactive and collaborative environment.

 These are issued upon successful completion of the Bootcamp requirements, which includes active participation and completing projects.

The AI Bootcamp is meticulously designed to provide a robust foundational and intermediate understanding of Artificial Intelligence. Starting from the basics, the program progressively advances to mid-level expertise, catering to both beginners and those with some prior knowledge. Participants will delve into various AI concepts, tools, and technologies, gaining practical skills through hands-on projects and case studies. Our curriculum is structured to ensure a comprehensive grasp of AI fundamentals while also encouraging the exploration of complex topics. However, it’s important to acknowledge that while the Bootcamp lays a solid groundwork, mastering AI is a continuous journey. Advanced expertise in AI typically requires ongoing practice and real-world application beyond the scope of this program. We encourage participants to view this Bootcamp as a significant step in their AI learning journey, one that equips them with essential knowledge and skills and inspires continued learning and development in this dynamic field.

A11: For effective learning and maximum benefit from the Bootcamp, active participation and engagement are crucial. Participants are encouraged to immerse themselves in the learning process by actively participating in sessions, completing projects, and engaging in discussions. This proactive approach is essential for deepening understanding and refining skills. Additionally, we recommend participants to embrace self-directed learning beyond the structured curriculum. Exploring additional resources, practicing the skills learned, and applying them to real-world scenarios will greatly enhance the learning experience. This self-initiated exploration and application are key to transitioning from intermediate knowledge to more advanced expertise in the field of AI. The Bootcamp provides a strong foundation, but the depth and extent of mastery in AI largely depend on each individual’s dedication and effort to continuously learn and apply their knowledge.

To secure your spot in the Bootcamp, you can make the payment using the following methods:

*UPI Payment:
 UPI ID: `75588467267@axl`
Fee Structure: Students – ₹10,000; Professionals – ₹30,000.

*Direct Account ransfer:
Account Number: `32509790764`

Branch: Shirur Kasar, Dist. Beed

IFSC Code: SBIN0005995

For participants making international payments or remittances, it’s important to inform us beforehand. Please reach out to us at +918275367267 (WhatsApp Call) for any queries or assistance regarding international transfers. This ensures we can provide you with the necessary support and confirm your payment efficiently. Remember, payments are required to be completed before the start of the program, and we do not offer payment plans or refunds, except in case the Bootcamp is canceled by the organizer.

 The Bootcamp commences on 1st  Feb 2024. Mark st your calendar for our first session, which will be held on  3rd Feb at 7 PM. This initial session is special as it is free for all, offering a unique opportunity for interested individuals to experience our teaching style and course content without any commitment. It’s a great chance to get a feel for the Bootcamp, interact with the instructors, and understand the value we offer. We encourage everyone interested in AI to join this session and explore the potential of embarking on this exciting learning journey with us.

Our AI Bootcamp is globally inclusive and welcomes participants from all over the world, regardless of age or profession. Whether you’re an experienced professional seeking to enhance your AI skills, or a student just beginning your journey in artificial intelligence, this program is designed to accommodate a diverse range of backgrounds and experience levels. Our comprehensive curriculum and flexible, remote learning environment make it accessible and suitable for everyone interested in diving into the world of AI.

While we do not guarantee placements or provide placement assurance, we are committed to aiding your job preparation. We plan to organize more than four hrs sessions focused on job preparations, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in AI interviews. Additionally, we will provide job preparation materials to further aid your efforts. However, please note that we do not offer direct referrals or job postings. These sessions and resources are intended to enhance your interview readiness and boost your confidence in navigating the AI job market.

 Once you make the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 48 hours with study materials and credentials. You’ll also get access to our online resources.

Regular attendance and active participation are key components of the learning experience in our Bootcamp. However, we understand that schedules can be challenging, so we will provide recordings of all sessions after each class. This allows participants to review the material at their own pace and catch up on any missed content. It’s important for participants to utilize these recordings to stay up-to-date with the Bootcamp curriculum and ensure they are making the most out of the program. Active engagement, even through recorded sessions, is essential for a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered.

 For more inquiries, you can write us at you can contact us at +918275367267.

All sessions of the Bootcamp will be conducted in English. This ensures clarity and consistency in communication, making the content accessible to a diverse, global audience. We have chosen English as it is widely understood and is commonly used in the field of Artificial Intelligence and technology. Participants are encouraged to have a basic understanding of English to fully benefit from the Bootcamp sessions.

Our Bootcamp boasts a panel of distinguished instructors and speakers from top-tier tech companies and prestigious educational institutions. Our speakers are experienced professionals from FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) and renowned institutes like IIT, BITS, and COEP. Here’s a glimpse of our speaker list:

1. Prashant Sahoo – IIT Mumbai
2. Sadanand Sutar – Indian School of Business (ISB)
3. Parek Oberoi – Facebook & Instagram
4. Ekta Shah – Quantiphi
5. Shashikant Rathod – COEP Pune
6. Yogesh Kulkarni – Google Developer Expert
7. **Niraj Lunavat** – COEP Pune

And some more!

This diverse and expert team of instructors will provide deep insights and hands-on knowledge, ensuring a rich and comprehensive learning experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence.